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CITIZENS HOLDING CO /MS/ filed this Form 10-Q on 11/09/2016
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ways. Additional federal and state consumer protection regulations could also expand the privacy protections afforded to customers of financial institutions, restricting the Corporation’s ability to share or receive customer information and increasing the Corporation’s costs. In addition, changes in accounting rules can significantly affect how the Corporation records and reports assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and earnings.

The Corporation also faces litigation risks from customers (individually or in class actions) and from federal or state regulators. Litigation is an unavoidable part of doing business, and the Corporation manages those risks through internal controls, personnel training, insurance, litigation management, the Corporation’s compliance and ethics processes and other means. However, the commencement, outcome and magnitude of litigation cannot be predicted or controlled with any certainty.

Accounting Estimate Risks

The preparation of the Corporation’s consolidated financial statements in conformity with GAAP requires management to make significant estimates that affect the financial statements. The Corporation’s most critical estimate is the level of the allowance for credit losses. However, other estimates occasionally become highly significant, especially in volatile situations such as litigation and other loss contingency matters. Estimates are made at specific points in time as actual events unfold, estimates are adjusted accordingly. Due to the inherent nature of these estimates, it is possible that, at some time in the future, the Corporation may significantly increase the allowance for credit losses or sustain credit losses that are significantly higher than the provided allowance, or the Corporation may make some other adjustment that will differ materially from the estimates that the Corporation previously made.

Expense Control

Expenses and other costs directly affect the Corporation’s earnings. The Corporation’s ability to successfully manage expenses is important to its long-term profitability. Many factors can influence the amount of the Corporation’s expenses, as well as how quickly they grow. As the Corporation’s businesses change or expand, additional expenses can arise from asset purchases, structural reorganization, evolving business strategies, and changing regulations, among other things. The Corporation manages expense growth and risk through a variety of means, including actual versus budget management, imposition of expense authorization, and procurement coordination and processes.



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