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Citizens Holding Company


1.Who is Citizens Holding Company's transfer agent and how does a registered shareholder contact the agent regarding account information?
 Citizens Holding Company’s transfer agent is American Stock Transfer & Trust Company located at 59 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038.

2.Does Citizens Holding Company offer a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP) for its common stock shareholders?

3.Does Citizens Holding Company offer Direct Deposit of common stock dividends?

4.Does Citizens Holding Company offer a Direct Stock Purchase (DSP) program?
 Citizens Holding Company offers a direct stock purchase to those shareholders enrolled in the dividend reinvestment program.

5.When does Citizens Holding Company release earnings?
 Citizens Holding Company generally releases earnings between the 21st and 27th day following the end of a quarter.

6.When is Citizens Holding Company's Annual Shareholders’ Meeting?
 Our annual stockholders meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday in April at 4:30 in the Main office of The Citizens Bank.

7.When was the last stock split?
 The last stock split was a three-for-two split on January 2, 2002.

8.What was the closing price of Citizens Holding Company common stock on (specific date)?
 On November 15, 2006 the closing price of Citizens Holding Company stock was $22.25. More information can be obtained on the Historical Price Lookup page under Stock Information.

9.How many employees does Citizens Holding Company have?
 At December 31, 2005, Citizens Holding Company and its subsidiary, The Citizens Bank Of Philadelphia had 213 full time employees and 37 part time employees.

10.What is ticker symbol and CUSIP number for Citizens Holding Company common stock?
 The ticker symbol is CIZN and the CUSIP number is 174715102.

11.What year was Citizens Holding Company incorporated and in what state?
 Citizens Holding Company was incorporated on February 16, 1982 in the state of Mississippi.

12.How can I get a copy of Citizens Holding Company annual report?
 By contacting Robert T. Smith, Treasurer and CFO at 521 Main Street, Philadelphia, by phone at (601) 656-4692 or by e-mail at

13.When was Citizens Holding Company's initial public offering?
 No public offering was made, Citizens Holding Company listed only the shares they had outstanding.

14.What is Citizens Holding Company's trading symbol?

15.Where is Citizens Holding Company's common stock traded?
 NASDAQ Global Market

16.Has Citizens Holding Company held any subsequent offerings?

17.Which analysts currently follow Citizens Holding Company?
 FTN Midwest Research.

18.What is the number of shares of common stock currently outstanding?
 5,020,228 shares at November 16, 2006.

19.Who is Citizens Holding Company's outside legal counsel?
 Phelps Dunbar, LLP.

20.Who are Citizens Holding Company’s independent accountants?